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So what is Salaam Geographia about?

In this ever changing world it is essential to get to know one another for who we are. Salaam Geographia, or ‘peace to geography’ is a celebration of everyday geographies young learners should experience and learn about regardless of race and ethnicity in the new century. A space for people who want to learn about anti-racist approaches to teaching geography in schools and to help understand decoloniality – and how this can transform or enable plurality in the learners view of the world they share with billions of other humans. Geographia, or geography is a subject that can really bring people and communities together, so join us, let us get to know each other.

Image taken by Iram Sammar
Image taken by Iram Sammar

Geographies of chai coming soon…..

Dr. Azeezat Johnson: A True Gem
Thank you to @RGS_IBG
for awarding Iram Sammar with an
OS Survey Award.
Of course awards and recognition is not something that we seek to achieve, however if it encourages teachers and educators to engage with new and innovative ways of approaching pedagogy in the classroom then, brilliant!

ٱلْحَمْدُ لِلَّٰهِ
Image by Iram Sammar

Geographies of Islamic Prayers

Flash Floods in Balochistan, Pakistan

Emergency Appeal: Flash Floods in Balochistan. Please donate here to help the people affected by the flash floods in Balochistan, Pakistan.

Update on the Balochistan appeal

Image: Salaam Geographia

IRR50 Conference: New Circuits of Anti-racism

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