Hibah Food Parcels: Balochistan Flash Flood Emergency


Date: Dhul Hijjah 30, 1443 AH (July 29, 2022)

Peace and Greetings,

My name is Iram Sammar, I am raising funds for our brothers and sisters in Balochistan (see map below), Pakistan who are in need of your help, as they have been seriously impacted by flash floods in the area. Please donate here.

I am a geography teacher and PhD student based in the UK with a strong interest in learning and teaching about global issues. There have been a series of monsoon rains absolutely devastating the province with flash floods. People have seen the demolition of houses, roads and bridges, this includes a major link from Balochistan with Sindh. The impact this has had on the people and their communities is heart-breaking.

The areas that have already experienced the floods have taken away the Quetta-Karachi highway. Unfortunately this means that no traffic can move between the two cities. For this reason very little help is available.

Map of Balochistan, Pakistan

With the help of family and friends in Pakistan, I have been able to send funds for food parcels – however, we are now made aware that there are many more families that need basic food and assistance to cope with their situation. As you can see from the images, our selection of emergency food supplies are kept basic so more people have access to this.

Each food parcel cost Rs. 3000 which equates to £10/per package – as can be seen, we include: flour, rice, sugar, cooking oil, and various items the locals need.

For now, our main concern is to get food to those in need – 100 % of the donations are going to the people of Balochistan. Mohammad Ramazan (below) is currently the principle distributer (in charge of a team of volunteers) of our contributions and local to the area we have direct access to.

I started the Hibah Food Parcels project during the COVID-19 pandemic a couple of years ago and have restarted the campaign to now help the people of Balochistan. We were able to help over 400 families and continue to help. In Balochistan, we have already helped 60 families, however with your help we can increase this depending on how much we raise. Please note, these are not disasters caused by natural hazards, as people do not have the means to protect themselves or evacuate in time. This is a global issue where our actions in the mass consumer regions of the global North have led to climate change, where the global South countries feel the direct impact of our collective global actions.

Please help generously – you can do something to help, please donate here.

Thank you,

Iram Sammar

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