Iram Sammar

Founder of Salaam Geographia

Iram Sammar is the recipient of the Ordnance Survey Award from the Royal Geographical Society with the Institute of British Geographers for: excellence in geography education at secondary level. She is an education consultant and founder of Salaam Geographia. Along with presenting CPDs and participating in University-based discussion forums, Iram has been writing blogs and book reviews that are recognized as critical for anti-racist and decolonial learning and teaching.

Currently, Iram is working towards a doctoral degree at King’s College London with a focus on decoloniality and antiracist pedagogy in the geography classroom. She has presented her current research and ideas at UCL (IOE); the RGS IBG Postgraduate forum; GEReCo forum on issues and misrepresentation of global south nations. Iram is very vocal about the need to rethink and develop new and innovative ways to introduce decoloniality and anti-racism in school geography. Her experience as a Geography teacher enabled her to develop a passion to promote students’ understanding of indigenous knowledge(s) and historical geography to better understand the impacts of Western European colonialism on the global south.

As a Muslim of Pakistani descent, her work seeks to promote improved ways of talking about race and racism in the classroom – with a focus on the British school context.

Iram holds a Masters in Geography in Education from University College London IOE; a PGCE in Secondary Geography; and a BA in Geography from Queen Mary, University of London.

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